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Toronto Traditional African Dance Festival 2018 "TADFest"

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Art is essential to success in today's fast-paced, highly competitive world. Dance as an art form is joyous, generous, and life-affirming. Through dance, ijo vudu strive to protect, preserve the authenticity of traditional Africa Nigerian heritage and it's art forms, to celebrate our ancestry and educate, entertain a variety of audiences both nationally and internationally; through educational and cultural programming, ongoing music and dance classes, workshops for the novice to the professional, as well as performances for festivals, stage and theater. ijo vudu engage the audience through awareness, spiritual grace and compassion and by doing this, we offer a unique perspective to the world.
TADFest; Toronto Traditonal Dance Festival showcasing the authenticity and the natural values of the African culture and it's heritage. TADFest is schedule to take plase at the distillery district in the downtown East of Toronto Ontario Canada.
TADFest is of Three categories:
1, Individual (Solo or Duets)
2, Groups (Ensemble/Company of 10-12)
3, Organizations (Vendors).

INDIVIDUALS: This showcase is either a solo or duets individuals who teaches and or give intensive traditional dance, drum, song, chant and percussions workshops to pedestrians, dance and drum companies, ensembles, private partners and to the general public. 

GROUPS: Group participation are for dance companies consists of 10-12
Dancers: 3 Female,
3 Male.
4 Drummers/Percussionist
2 Official. (Managers/coordinators)
Members from a notable dance and drum company who are willing to come showcased, represent their state, country and or their craft to the Canadian audience.

ORGANIZATIONS: Thia consists of 2-4 members or individuals coming to showcase their missions and products. This vending market place involved displayed of Arts, Crafts and merchandise both buying, selling, promoting, advocating and exchanging ideas with the community at large.

TADFest 2018 runs from Friday July 6 to Monday July 9, 2018.

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